Virtual Therapy

1930580993Virtual Therapy – Convenient AND Effective

One of the perks of living in this modern world is that therapy is more accessible than ever – all you need is a device that can connect to the Internet.

Honestly, before March 2020, I was skeptical about offering virtual therapy sessions. Would having a conversation over Zoom be as relational and effective as being in person?

The short answer was, Yes! And there were even some perks to having virtual sessions that I didn’t expect.

Meeting online has benefits.

There is less travel time to and from appointments.

You can meet when suffering from a mild illness that keeps you at home.

Now, there is an opportunity to sit in a favorite chair at home with a favorite blanket.

In some situations, not needing to hire a babysitter is a relief and saves money.

1317576746Here’s how to get the most from virtual therapy.

Despite the benefits, meeting virtually for therapy sessions does bring a few unique challenges. There are some recommendations to remember if you’re considering virtual therapy.

Ensure you have a solid Internet connection and a device that can handle an hour of constant use. The Internet and the battery ALWAYS seem to cut out at the worst possible moment! Therefore, check on your battery and your Internet connection before you start.

Make sure you’re in a private location where you can relax. If you’re worried about someone walking in or overhearing you, openly engaging in the conversation will be hard. While some places aren’t ideal (like your car), consider creative options to give yourself the privacy (and comfort) you need.

Also, consider being in a place that doesn’t have distractions. If noises, coworkers, children, or TVs might distract you from the conversation, it will be hard to get the most out of your time.

Have what you need to be comfortable!

If you tend to cry during therapy, bring tissues. I won’t judge if you use your sleeve or whatever else you have handy, but I want you to be comfortable!

If you’re using a phone, find a way to prop it up. An hour is a LONG time to hold the phone in front of your face, trust me!

My best recommendation is to have a computer because the bigger screen will make it easier to connect in the conversation.

For more information about virtual therapy, please get in touch with me.