1038821770May 25, 2010 – My first therapy client

My heart pounded as I walked with my client down to the therapy rooms in the basement. It was my first day as a therapy intern, and I felt awkward. I was incredibly anxious that my new client would see the sweat stains threatening to soak through my armpits.

I had a hunch I was WAY more nervous than she was. More than once, I caught myself fending off a panic attack, thinking I had no idea how to help her through her depression.

Despite all that, somehow, we both survived the session. My client didn’t run away screaming, so I considered that a win. But I had no clue what I was doing if you’d asked me.

Supervision was supposed to help me know what to do, right?

Thinking back over my first years doing therapy, I vividly remember hoping that supervision would help me feel better about my work.

Sometimes sessions would go well, but I don’t know how that happened. But most times, sessions felt tough, and I thought I knew why (hint: because of me). I had no idea how to make them better!

I had a handful of supervisors during those years, and while I respect each one for their work, I didn’t always feel very supported or encouraged. My experiences in school weren’t always positive, so I was afraid of being judged or told I should switch careers.

Eventually, I found a great supervisor that I loved. I felt that she cared about helping me grow and support my clients. When I felt better about my work, my clients seemed to feel better, too!

719384080Quality supervision is essential.

As a supervisor, I’m passionate about helping you, as a therapist, feel GOOD about the work you do.

Supervision is more than just about learning skills, though that’s important. It’s also about helping you find your unique style, trusting your instincts, and enjoying doing the work you do.

Your work is significant. Let’s make it great.

Looking for supervision?

I provide supervision for Associates working toward licensure in Oregon, and am also an ICEEFT supervisor-in-training. Ask about group supervision or consultation opportunities too!

Rate: $150 per 55-minute session.