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The Aftermath of a Fight

Jim* drives slowly up to his house, his pulse racing.

As the garage door opens, he’s relieved to see that his wife’s side of the garage is empty – she’s
not home yet.

After the huge fight they had last night, he knew their interactions today would be difficult.

Avoiding each other didn’t seem like the answer.

But trying to talk it out wouldn’t make things better either.

This was yet another version of the pattern they’d fallen into years ago, and the strain had begun
to affect all aspects of their lives.

Something needed to change.

Jim and Pam* both felt their relationship was like a train headed in the wrong direction, and
neither of them had any idea how to turn it around.

They knew there was too much at stake to let their marriage suffer like this, but every action
they took only seemed to make matters worse.

They were scared and felt helpless to stop it from falling apart.

There is another way.

If Jim’s and Pam’s story sounds like yours, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to take charge of your situation.

Therapy is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for.

It doesn’t mean you’ve failed – it means you’re ready to see things from a new perspective.

Just like a sports coach guides you to a better golf swing or running posture, a therapist can see
your moves from a distance and help you more effectively achieve your life goals.

*Names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.

We’d love to help you move through your
own stuck places and into the life you
want for yourself.

Take a minute and reach out to schedule a short phone consultation.

We can help.

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Hi, I’m Sharon.

I want you to know that you don’t need to struggle through this
alone anymore.

Relationships are my specialty because I know how important they
are to our well-being. Life becomes so much more vibrant when
we can share our inner selves and connect with other people.

In a safe space, I’ll provide a compassionate, unbiased perspective
to help you recognize where you are getting tripped up, despite
your good intentions and best efforts.

You’ll learn to feel braver, more confident, and better equipped to
navigate conflicts with the people who matter most in your life.
And how to treat yourself with understanding and forgiveness
when you make mistakes.

I’d love to help you through these struggles to finally achieve the
life you want for yourself and your partner.

Don’t waste any more time settling for anything less.

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